making visible - giving form


Molly van der Weij is a visual artist and an award-winning communication designer. Her professional drive is to create and utilise imagery and visual tools to convey, explore and help develop services, ideas or knowledge. Her research interest is generally on "making visible". The focus of her work is on communication, sense-making and understanding.

She offers innovative and alternative ways to communicate ideas in a constructive and engaging fashion that inspires and helps to further idea development processes as well as facilitates understanding in collaboration processes, especially where there are (larger) groups of various backgrounds involved. The nature of her communication work is that of a visual translation of textual, complex or abstract ideas, or information, into images. Through this particular knowledge and meaning is made more accessible in a non-linear and narrative way.

Alongside her professional work in communication Molly has always worked as visual artist. Her career has a long track record of various exhibitions, commissions and other activities. Her body of work includes a number of series of drawings, paintings, photography and digital media productions.